There's a reason I put the Clarksville sewer rate increase in today's top five stories. Indiana passed on accepting federal funding to separate sanitary and storm sewer systems a generation ago due to an ideological rejection over federal funding. And because of those decisions, today's municipal rate payers are getting slammed with rising sewer fees. The folks in Clarksville must come up with an extra $20 a month now. If you're an Indiana lawmaker, you need to keep this in mind over the next year as the state decides how to handle Medicaid expansion in the emerging Obamacare era. Specifically, by refusing to expand Medicaid, Indiana risks the financial stability of local hospitals as well as the big medical centers which take federal DSH payments. Those will disappear in the coming years. Without a Medicaid expansion, billions of dollars will no longer flow into the Indiana medical system. Better think long and hard about that, folks. - Brian A. Howey