The education narratives in Indiana are defying conventional wisdom. The angst of former Supt. Tony Bennett and his staff over Christel DeHaan's charter school over an "A" grade not achieved reveals a preconceived notion mindset, the establishment of a facade, as opposed to creating a system that provides an accurate benchmark on student performance. Bennett says DOE was "right" to change the DeHaan grade from a "C" to an "A". This is corrupt thinking and undermines the entire system. And God bless those now 11th grade algebra students at the DeHaan school whose performance has now been magnified in what is an education scandal. As for the ISTEP testing delay, this narrative fell apart when test scores actually went up. So we're keeping those scores! But if they had gone down, there would have been calls for not only this year's results to be scrapped, but, perhaps, the entire system. What does this mindset tell us? - Brian A. Howey