By BRIAN A. HOWEY, in Indianapolis 

1. Rokita doesn't believe

Indiana’s ICU open bed capacity dwindled to just 12.2% as the final Delta variant surge is filling up medical facilities with unvaccinated Hoosiers. This is occurring before the Omicron variant becomes the primary COVID-19 strain here. And this is happening before 200,000 football fans and media show up in Indianapolis for the College Football Playoffs title game scheduled for Monday, Jan. 10, though officials are now saying that COVID could move the game to as late as Jan. 14 and that the next champion could be crowned via forfeit.

Enter into this Attorney General Todd Rokita, who was asked by a WSBT-TV  anchor about the 80% of unvaccinated people stressing out ERs and ICUs across the state. "I don't believe in any numbers any more and I'm sorry about that,” Rokita said. “They are politicized. This has been politicized since day one. The reason that hospitals are filling up is their own health care workers won't show up because of the mandates that's been put upon them. A year ago we were calling them heroes and now they are some kind of villains." Is that true, Brian TaborDr. Gabriel Bosslet of IU: "This is absolutely insane. Hospitals are on fire with #covid19 and the attorney general of Indiana doesn’t believe it because the numbers have been cooked somehow. This is leadership malpractice."

According to the ISDH, Indiana's hospitalizations from COVID-19 had tripled in recent weeks to 3,029 on Dec. 15. By Monday, that total stood at 3,002. The pandemic high was 3,460 on Nov. 20, 2020. The U.S. Navy is sending in a 23-person team to Indiana’s largest hospital to, as AP reported, "help relieve staffers exhausted and overwhelmed by a surge in COVID-19 hospitalizations."

2. State dashboard going dark

While the ISDH will stop updating its COVID-19 dashboard and data for four critical days starting today due to the Christmas holiday, the Regenstrief Institute will continue to update its dashboard regularly during these crucial days as Omicron spreads like wildfire. 

3. Unvaxxed don't trust the government

Axios: Unvaccinated Americans' already low trust in government plummeted during 2021, according to a year's worth of data from the Axios-Ipsos Coronavirus Index. Ipsos pollster Chris Jackson explained, "The people who remain unvaccinated have almost no trust in the government. It doesn't really matter what Biden says. They don't believe anything you're saying."

4. Biden on 'good enough'

Hoosiers have long been satisfied with being "good enough." When ABC "World News Tonight" anchor David Muir pressed President Biden on a lack of COVID tests (CVS on North Keystone sold 600 testing kits on Tuesday before selling out), asking if that was "good enough," Biden responded, "No, nothing’s been good enough. But look where we are. When last Christmas, we were in a situation where we had significantly fewer vaccinated -- people vaccinated, emergency rooms were filled. You had serious backups in hospitals that were causing great difficulties. We’re in a situation now where we have 200 million people fully vaccinated. Two-hundred million people fully vaccinated. And we have more than that who have had one shot, at least one shot. And they’re getting these booster shots as well."

5. Trump gets credit from Biden

President Biden said on Tuesday, “Thanks to the prior administration and our scientific community, America was one of the first countries to get the vaccine.” Donald Trump on Fox News: "I'm very appreciative of that — I was surprised to hear it. I think it was a terrific thing, and I think it makes a lot of people happy. I think he did something very good. You know, it has to be a process of healing in this country, and that will help a lot." What could have happened if these two presidents had joined forces a year ago stressing the vaccine?

Have a great and merry Christmas, folks, and thanks for reading. It's The Atomic!