By BRIAN A. HOWEY, in Indianapolis

1. House passes Biden infrastructure plan

In a week after the Dow crossed 36,000 for the first time and 531,000 jobs new jobs were created in October, House Democrats aided by 13 Republicans - though none from the Indiana delegation - voted late Friday night to pass President Biden's $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill by a 228-206 vote. Six progressive Democrats voted against the measure after Speaker Nancy Pelosi received commitments on the Build Back Better Act to split the votes from this record infrastructure bill. "Finally, infrastructure week! This is a blue collar blue print to rebuild America, which is long over due," Biden said Saturday morning. "This bill is fiscally responsible and is absolutely paid for. They want us to deliver. Last night on one big item, we delivered. Today was a good day. It's time to deal the people back in. These bills are designed to give ordinary people a fighting chance. That's what these plans do, they bet on the American people. Given half a chance, the American people never, ever, ever, ever let the nation down. This is the moment when Americans decided to win the century, get in the game full bore." 

The legislation that passed included: $110 billion for roads, bridges and other infrastructure fix-ups. Of that, $40 billion is new funding for bridge repair, replacement and rehab; $73 billion for electric grid and power structures; $66 billion for rail; $65 billion for broadband; $55 billion for water infrastructure; $21 billion for environmental remediation; $47 billion for flooding and coastal resiliency, as well as "climate resiliency," including protections against fires; $39 billion to modernize transit — the largest federal investment in public transit in history, according to the White House; $7.5 billion for electric vehicles and EV charging; $2.5 billion for zero-emission buses; $2.5 billion for low-emission buses; $2.5 billion for ferries.

As for delaying the Build Back Better plan vote until later this month, President Biden said Saturday, "I am confident we will have the votes to pass the Build Back Better plan." Asked why he has that confidence, Biden responded, "Me."

2. Carson lauds passage

U.S. Rep. Andre Carson, D-Indianapolis, reacted, suggesting the Build Back Better Act will follow the infrastructure bill: “Today is a good day for Indiana and for our entire country. The House’s advancement of these two pieces of legislation brings us much closer to enacting the bold reforms needed to keep America strong and prosperous well into the 21st Century. These pieces of legislation are the result of months of negotiations and conversations with a variety of stakeholders. Let’s be clear; neither of these bills are perfect. There’s still much more we need to get done to grow our economy, create opportunity for all, reduce inequality, fight the climate crisis, and much more. However, these two pieces of legislation help us make major progress on all of those goals. I am confident the Build Back Better agenda will become law, and when it does, so many lives will change for the better.” 

3. Buschon blasts deal

U.S. Rep. Larry Bucshon, R-Newburgh: “I believe that our nation needs federal investment in our nation’s aging highways, bridges, and other infrastructure to ensure that our nation thrives in the 21st century.  While there may be individual pieces of this bill that would meaningfully invest in our nation’s infrastructure, this legislation in its totality misses the mark. Only a fraction of funds contained in this bill are actually going toward critical infrastructure, with tens of billions in misaligned spending going towards Democrats’ pet priorities.  More importantly, this bill is nothing more than a trojan horse proposal designed to enable the far-left Democrats to ram through their larger $1.85 trillion bill that is full of job-crushing tax increases and budget-busting spending. These two bills are different sides of the same fiscally-irresponsible coin."

4. Walorski cites 'socialist scheme' 

U.S. Rep. Jackie Walorski
(R-Jimtown): “As Hoosier families face the devastating ramifications of President Biden’s inflation and supply chain crises, President Biden and the Democrats’ socialist tax and spend scheme is astonishingly out of touch with the American people. This big-government behemoth was never intended to help working families grow and succeed – it has always been about securing more control over Americans from cradle to grave. As made clear by this radical scheme, Democrats are focused on grabbing power and deepening Americans’ dependence on welfare without work. From dictating pre-k curriculum and private employers’ paid leave to weaponizing the IRS, Democrats want to have more say over how we live our lives every day. Instead of listening to reason or even taking the time to determine how this multitrillion boondoggle will affect our economy, President Biden and the Democrats are doubling down on their socialist scheme. Once again, Speaker Pelosi expects Congress to pass a massive bill to find out what’s in it. This tax and spend spree will clear the way for more of the Democrats’ radical agenda. The American people deserve far better, and I will continue to reject this alarming momentum and stand strong for our freedom and individual rights.”

5. Banks restored on Twitter

"I'm back." With that tweet, U.S. Rep. Jim Banks, R-Columbia City, had his Twitter account restored on Friday. Banks had his official account suspended for an Oct. 19 Tweet regarding Dr. Rachel Levine becoming the first openly transgender four-star officer in the U.S. uniformed services. Banks tweeted, “The title of first female four-star officer gets taken by a man.” His account was suspended on Oct. 23. Twitter spokesman Trenton Kennedy said Banks went through steps to acknowledge the tweet violated the rules and was then able to post a video under the heading. Later on Friday, Banks tweeted, "I stand with @AaronRodgers12!" Rodgers, the Green Bay Packer QB, was sidelined after testing positive for COVID-19, apparently after rejecting the vaccine.

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