By BRIAN A. HOWEY, in Indianapolis

1. Trump threatens more Chinese tariffs

Here are your Monday power lunch talking points: Hoosier farmers want these two things, a dry weather pattern so they can get their crops in, and a trade deal with China that ends the tariffs and brings about a more stable market. Neither appear to be happening this week. A wet pattern will keep the fields muddy from Tuesday through Thursday, and President Trump went on a twitter storm, threatening the Chinese by raising tariffs from 10% to to 25% on Friday, which was a day many had hoped for a trade war resolution. “The Trade Deal with China continues, but too slowly, as they attempt to renegotiate,” the president tweeted. China's state-owned Global Times: "President Trump threatens China while he seemingly doesn't understand how tariffs work. Not sure whether U.S. public doesn't understand either. China has long ago prepared for the worst. We won't buy this trick. Moreover, he didn't even scare North Korea."

That was in reference to Kim Jong Un resuming his missile testing, yet another thumb on the nose aimed at President Trump. The Venezuelan overthrow of Maduro crumbled last week. The Russians are now involved in Venezuela, making a comeback in Cuba, and President Trump has bowed to them in Syria, propping up the war criminal Assad. The Trump administration is the foreign policy gang who can't shoot straight, with Hoosier farmers and manufacturers along for a bumpy, bumpy ride.

2. Trump changes tune on Mueller

President Trump has now reversed his course on Robert Mueller. He's gone from release the entire unredacted report, to opposing Mueller's testimony before Congress, which could be the kind of "John Dean moment" that could swing public opinion. It doesn't really matter. Mueller is expected to leave the DOJ in a month or so, and then he can do or say whatever he wants. An NBC/Wall Street Journal  Poll revealed 48% oppose impeachment while 49% do or at least favor continued investigations. Pollster Peter Hart: “The American public has reached a hung jury  – not innocent, not guilty and they haven’t reached a consensus.” Democrats have also lost their voter intensity edge: 75% of registered Republican voters say they have high interest in the 2020 presidential election. It's 73% for Democrats. The 2020 election could be a turnout record breaker.  Trump's approve/disapprove is 46/51%.

3. Young says people have 'moved on'

U.S. Sen. Todd Young made this observation of the Mueller report and the media tempest surrounding Attorney General William Barr on Fox59: "There were some fireworks as there often are between Congress and the administration, especially when you have members of one party grilling the attorney general from another party. Hoosiers really want us to move on to other issues  that impact their daily lives. I am intently focused on that." Young said the one big take away Republicans and Democrats do agree on is that the Kremlin assaulted the U.S. in the 2016 election. "The report is already out. People can review for themselves," Young said. "The conclusion was pretty clear that there was no collusion as has been alleged and suspected by members of the media and my fellow colleagues. At the same time we should acknowledge that Russia did interfere in the elections, which was the genesis of this entire report. Our select committee on intelligence right here in the Senate should continue our investigation."

4. Trump chats with Putin

President Trump and Russian President Putin had an hour phone call Friday, but the Kremlin's assault on U.S. elections didn't come up. "Really we didn't discuss it," Trump said, even though National Intelligence Director Dan Coats, FBI Director Christopher Wray and CIA Director Gina Haspel have warned that the assaults are expected to continue. 

5. Mayor Pete meets President Carter

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg attended President Jimmy Carter's Sunday school class in Plains, Ga., and gave a Bible reading. They were joined by the candidate's husband Chasten and former First Lady Rosalyn Carter.

Have a great week, folks, and thanks for reading. It's The Atomic!