KOKOMO  — The reader may be assured that I enjoy writing on this subject with the same joy and anticipation that one approaches a visit to the dentist. There are days when I would much rather be a sports commentator than one who slices and dices politics. If I were a sports commentator, this week’s column would have been about the collapse of the Indiana Pacers in the NBA playoffs.  
Alas, instead, I will tackle the attempted coup d’état orchestrated by elements in the former Obama Administration, Democrat operatives, the media and, regretfully, the United States Department of Justice.
Before I begin, I’d like to remind you that I am not a diehard fan of Donald Trump. In fact, I famously (or infamously) declared in the lead-up to the Indiana presidential primary in 2016 that the only way I could vote for Donald Trump would be if his opponent was Satan himself. (Note to self: Be very careful what you say to a national journalist at the end of a long, long interview.)
Needless to say, I found Satan in the form of Hillary Clinton and I cheerfully cast my general election vote for President Donald Trump. That being said, I do not condone, approve, like, admire or support many of the things that the man Donald Trump has said or done both before and after his election as our president. In fact, much of Mr. Trump’s behavior has made me want to gag. However, I have learned to separate the conduct of Trump the man from Trump the president.
As president, Donald Trump has done a fairly admirable job. In the areas that are truly important such as the economy, our national defense, judicial appointments and reducing the mindboggling bureaucratic snafus that plague American business, President Trump’s tenure has been very good.
This brings me to the sad and troubling realization that the United States has just survived a coup d’état aimed at destroying the president.  
Fortunately, this coup has failed. In most countries, the perpetrators would have been taken out back of the Marine barracks in Washington, D. C., and shot. In South America, the principal architects of the coup would have just been disappeared. But, hey, this is America and in America we will make celebrities of the perpetrators, give them guest slots on CNN and the late-night talk shows. None of this rogues gallery of nefarious characters will be forced to slither into the trash heap of history as they should.
Let’s start at the very beginning. The sole focus of the Robert Mueller investigation was to be collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. The basis for launching this investigation and obtaining FISA warrants was the dubious “Steele Dossier,” the salacious political hit piece written for Fusion GPS and later sold to the Democrat National Committee and the Clinton campaign.
Please understand this: The two-year-long, $35 million special investigation of President Trump was launched by a Democrat-purchased and -provided political hit piece joyfully supplied by a Fusion GPS employee, Democrat Nellie Ohr, to her husband, Bruce Ohr, a high-ranking Justice Department official, since demoted for misconduct. Ohr delivered the document to disgraced, fired former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. McCabe assigned the investigation to rabid anti-Trump FBI Assistant Deputy Director Peter Strzok, since fired for his undisclosed anti-Trump emails between him and his girlfriend, FBI counsel Lisa Page. Mueller dumped Strzok from his investigation because of the conspiratorial nature of the pillow talk emails with Page, including the reference to an “insurance policy” to get rid of Trump should Trump defeat Clinton.
Summary: The Mueller investigation occurred because of a bogus dossier provided by Hillary Clinton’s allies to their allies in the Justice Department who abused their power in an attempt to bring down the presidency of Donald Trump. This is criminal and treasonous, regardless of what you think about President Trump.
What was the fruit of the exhaustive investigation recently concluded by the special prosecutor? No collusion with the Russians and no obstruction of justice. Case closed.
Well, the case is not closed. The usual Democrat suspects in Congress, big money men and the media just will not write this sad situation off as another failed political strategy. They intend to use every tool at their disposal to remove or irreparably injure President Trump before the 2020 presidential election.  
Facts and the truth be damned, the destruction of the president is a worthy end to their despicable means. Niccolo Machiavelli would be proud of his Democrat disciples and their dedication to results over truth.
The case is not closed on the investigation of the men and women who dredged up a Democrat-paid-for dossier and used it to illegally obtain FISA warrants and begin the process of intimidation and legal arm-twisting that led a litany of supporting characters to cop pleas. The Constitution was abused and twisted to suit the political ends of the Democrats. Light needs to be shown into the corners of the Justice Department and we all need to see the roaches run. Failure to fully investigate this abuse of the Justice Department will only lead to more egregious abuses in the future.
The American form of government only works because of an adherence to the rule of law. Once that principle is trashed, other forms of abuse and injustice will also find their home in our government. When injustice becomes prevalent and the rule of law falls to the wicked, then our country will become no better than some banana republic.
Yes, I understand that many of you wanted Hillary Clinton as president. I understand that you hate Donald Trump for his immigration policies, personal behavior, court appointments, tax cuts, economic success and his Electoral College victory. I get it. You hate him with a purple passion. Message received.
The question to be asked now is, “Do you hate Donald Trump more than you love your country and the Constitution?” The answer to this question will ultimately decide the fate of our nation. God be with us on this one!   

Dunn is the former Howard County Republican Party chairman.