INDIANAPOLIS – It’s Omarosa week! And guess what? That’s right. I’ve got an Omarosa story. It’s not a great story. Sort of interesting but could be more interesting if I exaggerate. It might have a point to it, but I’m not yet sure if it will.
It all started during the Trump 2016 campaign. It ended on Inauguration Day. As you may remember, Rex Early was our Indiana chairman and I was the vice chair. We were volunteers in those roles.
Too bad Rex doesn’t really have anything to do with this story, because it would probably be an awesome tale if Rex and Omarosa had met. What a slugfest that would have been.
What most people don’t know is that after the national convention in early August, I was also brought onto the paid staff as the communications director for Indiana. The national campaign had 18 states with paid comms directors, and because I had been the point person with the media up until then, they decided to pay me for it.
Back to my Omarosa story. As the communications director, I got to be on calls with the national communications team at 7 a.m., then on another call with the other state comms folks and our director at 8 a.m. and then could listen in on a surrogate call at noon. This was all fascinating as I was listening to folks like Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway and Katrina Pierson. Even Bobby Knight was once on a call. And yes, Omarosa. That was crazy to me because it was Omarosa. She was nuts. I used to watch “The Apprentice,” so I knew she was crazy. What was she doing on these calls?
That’s it for the first part of the story. Nothing too exciting. I heard her speak up once or twice, but she didn’t say anything outlandish that I can remember.
The next part gets more exciting. Fast forward to December of 2016, a month after the election. I was in D.C. for meetings and having lunch at the Trump International Hotel in Washington with a friend who had first introduced me to someone on the Trump campaign back in September of 2015. My friend and I were seated at the perfect table at the BLT Prime restaurant overlooking the Trump hotel lobby.
Halfway through our lunch, Omarosa walked in with Katrina Pierson and a gentleman. They all sat right behind me. I didn’t want to interrupt but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to say something to both Omarosa and Katrina. So finally, I turned around and congratulated them and thanked them for what they had done and ended up telling a little of my small role in Indiana. I then offered to buy them a glass of champagne. They gladly accepted, and we toasted the president. My friend and I thought this was pretty cool.
When they got up to leave they thanked us again for the champagne; someone mentioned a picture, and both Omarosa and Katrina took separate selfies with me. I’ve shown a few people but will never again show off the Omarosa picture. All three of them offered to exchange business cards, so we did. That’s the second part of the story. I only said it was more exciting than the first part.
But now is when the story gets vicious and downright ugly. A few days later, I emailed all three of them separately to say great to meet you and something along the lines of staying in touch. I thought it would be good to increase my contact with anyone in Trump world.
Katrina was the only one to email me back. Omarosa did not! She probably laughed at me for buying her a glass of champagne at lunch and giving me her card, knowing she would never email back. OK, I did exaggerate about the vicious and downright ugly part.
The crazy thing is that there I was with Katrina and Omarosa and now they are going at it on the airwaves like mortal enemies. Omarosa is like Hela in Thor: Ragnarok. Why was she ever on the campaign or in the White House? How could she have taped people inside the White House? Had she taped me at that lunch?
The last part of my Omarosa story is where it gets brutal. It was the early morning of Jan. 20, Inauguration Day. Anita and I were at a breakfast with a hundred or so others before boarding buses to take us to the Capitol for the ceremony. After getting coffee and some light breakfast, I noticed Omarosa about 10-15 feet away. She was on crutches and had one of those boots on one of her feet — the kind a bunch of people at the Statehouse all got at the same time a few years back.
I said to Anita that I should go say hello. She might remember me. Anita warned me not to – that it would only be bad. But of course, I didn’t listen. I approached Omarosa, trying to muster the courage to start another conversation. Should I remind her about the champagne or would that sound like I was trying to bribe her into talking to me again when the champagne already got me the picture? I wasn’t sure what I’d say so I started with, “What’d you do to your foot?” It was brilliant. Until she replied. “What do you think fool? I stuck it up someone’s ass like I’m going to stick it up yours if you don’t leave me alone!”
I quickly hurried away trying not to cry.
Yes, that part was made up, but she did have on a boot and was on crutches. She had sat down by the time I got to her to introduce myself. She paid attention for two seconds, maybe less, and then called out to a lady close by and started talking to her instead. I didn’t know what the hell to do. I hadn’t even finished my introduction. Was I supposed to just leave, or did she expect me to wait until she finished her more important conversation? I just stuck around. I wasn’t going to let her do me like that. She finally finished with the lady and I started back up again. This time she heard me out but acted like she didn’t care and started looking around for someone else, anyone else. She didn’t remember me. 

I left, humiliated by Omarosa.
And that’s my Omarosa story. I told you it wasn’t great, but now is the time to tell it. She was nice to me when I bought her champagne and mean to me when I didn’t. I knew it before the campaign and was reminded on Inauguration Day and I’ll never forget it now; she is mean and scary and just plain bad news! And that’s the point. Like Hela, she will try to cause destruction wherever she goes, whether it’s my ego, or the White House. If you know her, please don’t show this to her. 
Samuel is president of Samuel Solutions.