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Thursday, December 3, 2020
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Howey Politics Indiana Oct. 8, 2020
Howey Politics Indiana Oct. 8, 2020: Horse Race As Trump implodes, down ballot impacts: Pence, Harris debate; Horse Race: Holcomb has 40% lead; Schoeff Column: Trump contorts Young; Sautter Column: Predictions; Seat Column: Unknowns 3 weeks out
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  • Biden, economic team vow 'help is on the way'
    "A first-rate team that's going to get us through this ongoing economic crisis and help us build the economy back, not just build it back, but build it back better than before. We're going to create a recovery for everybody, for all. We're going to get this economy moving again. Our message to everybody struggling right now is help is on the way." - President-elect Joe Biden, announcing his economic team that includes Janet Yellen for Treasury secretary, Wally Adeyemo for deputy secretary of the Treasury, and Neera Tanden for chief of the Office of Management and Budget. 
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  • Trump and Biden priorities

    With American pandemic deaths crossing the 250,000 threshold, President Trump made calls to Michigan local election officials and is inviting legislators to the White House, while President-elect Joe Biden was talking to stressed out front line medical workers. That explains their priorities. Trump is attempting to undermine the American election system, with a Reuters/Ipsos Poll showing that 68% of Republicans now believing the election was "rigged."

    There are Republicans beginning to speak up (though none from Indiana). “Having failed to make even a plausible case of widespread fraud or conspiracy before any court of law, the President has now resorted to overt pressure on state and local officials to subvert the will of the people and overturn the election," said Sen. Mitt Romney. "It is difficult to imagine a worse, more undemocratic action by a sitting American President.” And Sen. Ben Sasse said, "President Trump lost Michigan by more than 100,000 votes, and the campaign and its allies have lost in or withdrawn from all five lawsuits in Michigan for being unable to produce any evidence. Wild press conferences erode public trust. We are a nation of laws, not tweets.” The damage to our most precious American cornerstone is stunning, disgusting and sad, and the whole world is watching. - Brian A. Howey, publisher

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