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Friday, November 15, 2019
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Howey Politics Indiana Dec. 6, 2012
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  • AG Hill announces for reelection
    “Over the last three years, I have worked to fulfill my pledge to Hoosiers: from cracking down on violent criminals to protecting the most vulnerable in our society. Standing for what’s right is harder than ever, but I do it every day with courage and conviction as Attorney General, and I’m just getting started. That’s why, today, I am announcing my re-election campaign for Attorney General. Indiana needs strength, courage, and bold conservative leadership.” - Attorney General Curtis Hill, announcing he is seeking reelection in 2020. The announcement comes as Hill awaits a decision from the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission weighing potential infractions from the 2018 groping allegations at a sine die party. The Ball State University Hoosier Poll tested Hill for the first time. Large percentages of Hoosiers either have not heard of Hill (11%) or didn’t express an opinion (36%). Only 38% of respondents approved of the attorney general’s job performance; 15% expressed disapproval.
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  • The Foreign Involvement in Elections Act

    Calling on Sens. Young & Braun, and Rep. Banks to author the Foreign Involvement in Elections Act, which would legalize foreign sources to fund and influence American elections. If this is the new norm, if this is OK, then legalize it.

    Fox News analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano explained, "The proof is largely undisputed, except by the president himself. It consists of admissions, testimony and documents, which show that President Trump sought to induce the government of Ukraine to become involved in the 2020 presidential election. Specifically, Trump held up $391 million in American military hardware and financial aid to Ukraine until Ukrainian prosecutors commenced a criminal investigation of former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. That is a mouthful of facts to swallow in one bite, but the legal implications are straightforward and profound."

    Conservative legal scholar Cass Sunstein laid out a similar narrative a few weeks ago. So with the House passing an official impeachment inquiry on a virtual party line vote, the question for Senate Republicans and the American people is whether their fidelity to the once GOP pillar of the "rule of law" stands, or whether it is consumed by a cult of personality presidency which will profoundly change American politics; where foreign influence will be invited into future elections. It's the ultimate slippery slope for the republic. Will we keep it?  - Brian A. Howey, publisher

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