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Sunday, August 18, 2019
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Howey Politics Indiana Nov. 18, 2010
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  • Empower farmers to take on climate change
    "By empowering farmers to take up climate solutions, we can clean up the climate, protect farm communities, and make agricultural communities more prosperous. Who could argue with that? In responding to the Dust Bowl, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt said 'The nation that destroys its soil destroys itself,' and he could not have been more correct. Now, we need to take it one step further to heal our soil in order to heal our world. And American farmers hold the key to making this happen." - Jill Long Thompson in a South Bend Tribune op-ed on Indiana agriculture and climate change. She writes after NOAA reported July to be the hottest month in recorded history, topping the last record in July 2016.  She is the 2008 Democratic gubernatorial nominee and a former member of Congress who served on the House Agriculture Committee and now teaches at Indiana Universty-Bloomington.
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  • A son's eulogy to Father

    We gather here today to celebrate the life of Jack Eugene Howey. It was the proverbial life well lived for 93 years. As I stand here, I remember Dad’s advice to the various Methodist pastors he worked with over the years: A sermon should never last longer than 13.5 minutes, so I am on the clock.

    These past 10 months have been tough on our family as we watched a great man recede and his memories launch out into an endless expanse of time.

    Our family rallied around not only him, but also our Mother. The two of them shared an extraordinary 68 years together that began in the offices of the Indiana Daily Student at IU. They would have three children, six grandchildren. They would be among the first Western journalists to cross from Israel to Jordan on the Allenby Bridge just months after the Six Day War. They would witness topless mermaids cavorting in a huge jar at a Beirut casino, and go to a party with Abe Rosenthal and Punch Sulzberger of the New York Times in a penthouse overlooking Central Park where they hung out with Theodore White and Walter Cronkite. They would be in the room when President Nixon told a startled nation he was not a crook.

    Together they attended scores of concerts, Little League games, and Bridge games. Ever since that day at Lake Yellowwood when Dad said he was seeking a wife and gave her 10 minutes to decide, they were a fabulous partnership. Dad embraced his fatherhood, sending “Secret Friend” letters to us on our birthdays, going on Scout trips, excursions to the beach and other family vacations. And, of course, there were the annual pilgrimages to Chicago White Sox games. They ran a household where kids in the neighborhood could come and go.
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