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Saturday, March 24, 2018
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  • Trump signs Omnibus Spending Bill after veto threat
    "My highest duty is to keep America safe. There's a lot of things I'm unhappy about, and I will never sign another bill like this again." - President Trump, signing the massive $1.3 trillion Omnibus Spending Bill after he threatened to veto it earlier Friday morning. Congress had already left Washington and Trump risked a government shutdown. His veto threat caught the West Wing and Capitol Hill off guard.
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  • Filling in the blanks of CIA nominee Gina Haspel
    President Trump’s nominee for CIA Director is Gina Haspel, the first female to be nominated for the top spy job. The Wall Street Journal reports there is no public information about her. She isn’t on any social media page, LinkedIn, high school or college alumni linkup group or even sites such as She has no record of public speeches, writing or congressional testimony.

    On Thursday, the CIA revealed some details: She’s from Ashland, Ky., graduated with honors at the University of Louisville with degrees in languages and journalism. She’s single, age 61, is a fan of Johnny Cash and keeps a life-size cut out of the country star in her office. She was stationed with the State Department before moving into counter terrorism. Her first day on that job was Sept. 11, 2001. The WSJ reports: With that, she would forever become affiliated with one of the agency’s most controversial programs.

    Now that is one spooky resume, and I say that with a sense of admiration. - Brian A. Howey, publisher
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