NASHVILLE, Ind. -The new legislative and Congressional maps are prompting State Rep. Peggy Welch to consider a challenge to U.S. Rep. Todd Young in the new 9th CD.

"I am exploring," Welch told Howey Politics Indiana on Monday. "Over the past couple of weeks I am consulting with people I trust and who have my best interests in mind. I'm going to be meeting with some people in Washington and after that I will make a decision."

The Bloomington Democrat said that it will take two weeks or so to determine whether she will run against Young, the Bloomington Republican who won a hard-fought 2010 GOP primary against former congressman Mike Sodrel and Travis Hankins, then defeated U.S. Rep. Baron Hill by 14 percent.

When the new maps came out, the conventional wisdom was that the new 9th CD would be very favorable for Young. And from a travel standpoint, with I-65 and SR 37 as its two main arterials, it is a vastly different district than the sprawling old 9th. It is also primarily served by the Indianapolis and Louisville media markets. But the new 9th includes some reliable Democratic strongholds such as Monroe, Scott, Floyd and Jackson counties.

"It's definitely doable," Welch said of the new 9th CD. "A big amount of money will have to be spent, but it's very doable. It will take a candidate who matches the district and I want to make sure I match the district as I've matched my District 60."

Watch for further analysis in Thursday's weekly edition of Howey Politics Indiana.