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INDIANAPOLIS - State Sen. Scott Baldwin issued the following statement on Tuesday: "I unequivocally condemn Nazism, fascism and Marxism. When I said in the meeting, 'I’m with you on those particular isms' that is what I meant to convey. As someone who fought to defend our democracy, I agree teachers should condemn those dangerous ideologies and I sincerely regret that I did not articulate that and apologize for it. We absolutely need to teach our children about the tragedies of the past, which is why the legislation in its current form specifically protects the teaching of historical injustices. I said Wednesday that we need to listen and be open to changes that can improve the bill, and we are working on amendments to that end."

Baldwin walked back comments he made at a committee hearing on SB167 last week, when he said, "I have no problem with the education system providing instruction on the existence of those isms. I believe that we've gone too far when we take a position on those isms ...  We need to be impartial.”