Trump insiders Cory Lewandowski, Marty Obst and Dave Bossie lay out a scorched earth reelect vision for President Trump at the Indiana GOP spring dinner. (HPI Photo by Brian A. Howey)
Trump insiders Cory Lewandowski, Marty Obst and Dave Bossie lay out a scorched earth reelect vision for President Trump at the Indiana GOP spring dinner. (HPI Photo by Brian A. Howey)
INDIANAPOLIS – Hoosier Republicans got a preview of what can only be described as the coming scorched earth reelection campaign of President Trump and Vice President Pence from the ultimate insiders, Cory Lewandowski and Dave Bossie. Along with moderator Marty Obst, the pair laid out a nihilistic vision for the upcoming reelection campaign should the president survive the Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia collusion report.
“The president is going to dismantle whoever the Democrats put up,” said Bossie. “I believe in operation chaos. I’m going to impact every Democrat right up through the convention. I hope they pick Bernie Sanders, then you’re going to see capitalism versus socialism.”
Lewandowski was the ultimate Trump insider. Bossie helped Trump narrow the vice presidential list from “16 or 17” to Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, then prepped the Republican nominee for his debates with Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton. The pair have written two books about the Trump era and are now preparing for nothing less than a 2020 Trumpian jihad.
With the Mueller investigation report “imminent,” Bossie made it clear he wants the entire thing released. “We demand the Mueller report be made public,” Bossie said to a smattering of applause. “We deserve to see. We’re going to see the two sets of rules. One set of rules for Donald Trump and one for everybody else.”
In the view of Bossie and Lewandowski, the Deep State has been at work. “Trump was never supposed to win. This was never supposed to be uncovered,” Bossie declared. In his view, the “this” was a “treasonous” coalition of the FBI from Director James Comey, Rod Rosenstein to Andrew McCabe, Peter Stroz, and Lisa Page, along with former CIA Directors John Brennan and James Clapper, who ignored what they called the “crimes” of Hillary Clinton. At one point, Lewandowski declared, “Rod Rosenstein is a bad guy. They abuse their power because they don’t like our politics. If you think that Comey and Clapper and Brennan and Barack Obama didn’t know about it, you’re naive.”
“If I did it to them, it would be treason,” Lewandowski continued. “Trump was never supposed to win. This was never supposed to be uncovered. That’s what’s going on.”
Not only do they believe Rosenstein, the Republican deputy FBI director who ordered the Mueller probe days after Trump fired Comey, is a villain, but former national security advisor Mike Flynn “is an American patriot and a hero, and they did a number on him.”
Describing Flynn as a “hero” was an odd twist in Vice President Mike Pence’s Indiana GOP. Flynn was fired just weeks into the Trump administration, for lying to Pence over contacts he had with the Russians during the Trump transition, which was headed by Pence. Flynn has “flipped” as a cooperative witness for Mueller and faces sentencing for felony crimes. 
The rollicking pair regaled the 800 or so Hoosiers in attendance with the 2016 Trump campaign. Bossie described the “mid-August” pivot from campaign chairman Paul Manafort (now a convicted felon) to Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway. “I was doing strategic planning and debate preparation,” Bossie said. “I knew Hillary Clinton.” He credited former Indiana congressman Dan Burton’s House Oversight investigations of Clinton in the 1990s for Trump’s ability to smear the former first lady. 
“I had help from Dan Burton,” Bossie said. “He took the slings and arrows in the 1990s as chair of House Oversight. He was a key source in 2016, when Trump was trying to tell us how corrupt Hillary Clinton was, how bad Bill Clinton was.”
He then mentioned the “Billy Bush weekend,” in another weird reference to the October 2016 “Access Hollywood” tape that surfaced, many believing it would doom the Trump campaign after the billionaire was heard talking about grabbing women “by their pussy.”
“We’re going into that debate … everybody says it’s over and the candidate went on stage and delivered a massive blow,” Bossie said. “We brought in all the women who had accused Bill Clinton before. It upset the whole entire Clinton operation. It was so effective. He was willing to do those things to make sure the Clintons had to pay for the things they had done in the past. It was 99.9% Donald J.Trump. Cory and me did .01%.”
It turned out to be the most unusual GOP spring dinner since First Lady Cheri Daniels regaled Republicans with stories of the Indiana State Fair as Gov. Mitch Daniels pondered a presidential run in 2011. Had that happened, there might never have been a “President Trump.”  But this was a polar opposite to Cheri Daniels describing milking cows by hand and flipping pancakes. Today’s Republicans learned about “that freaky lookin’ dude” (Carter Page) and how “Lyin’ Ted” Cruz (now a Senate ally of President Trump) had defeated their man in the Iowa caucuses.
Lewandowski also described Pence emerging from a list of “16 to 17” candidates.  He reached out to a “mutual” friend of Pence in Indiana, learned the Pences were driving their daughter to college. Told of the ticket potential, Mike and Karen “wanted to pray on it it.” Lewadowski asked, “How long does this take? Does he have a direct line to God? Donald Trump wants it in two minutes.”
The assumption here is that Pence probably signed off on Bossie and Lewandowski appearing at the Indiana dinner Monday night. Hoosier Republicans heard a presentation like any other. When Bossie and Lewandowski concluded, there was polite applause.