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INDIANAPOLIS - Filing deadline for mayoral races is a noon Friday. Candidates have until noon Monday to withdraw from the ballot. Here is a roundup of mayoral filings and campaigns for the past week. HPI will unveil its initial Horse Race ratings in the Feb. 14 edition.

Indianapolis: Merritt blasts snow job

State Sen. Jim Merritt, Republican candidate for Indianapolis mayor, has raised critical questions about the Hogsett administration’s response to the snow that fell Jan. 30. “Weather forecasters had been predicting the snow for days, so it was not a surprise,” Merritt added. “What surprised me was how unprepared the city was to deal with removing a couple of inches of snow. What happens if we get hit by a significant ice storm or a major blizzard? How will the city deal with those situations?”

Carmel: Glynn to challenge Brainard

A county councilor who just staved off a primary and general election challenger plans to take on Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard in May (IBJ). Fred Glynn, a Carmel resident who represents District 1, including parts of Carmel, on the Hamilton County Council, announced Tuesday morning he plans to run against Brainard, who is seeking his seventh term, in May’s Republican primary. Glynn, a mortgage lender, was just reelected to his second term on the county council, where he’s known as a fiscal conservative. In his campaign for mayor, Glynn is targeting spending by Brainard and the current Carmel City Council. Carmel’s current debt obligations total $1.32 billion, according to the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance. That’s higher than any of the other Hamilton County municipalities. “It is a false narrative that we have to choose between good government and fiscal responsibility,” Glynn said in a prepared statement. “My time on county council proves you can do both.” 

Noblesville: Baker 4th candidate

A fourth candidate has entered the Noblesville mayoral race (Quinn, IBJ). Vince Baker filed to run in the Republican primary Friday. He joins local business owner Mike Corbett, city councilor Chris Jensen and former Noblesville School Board member Julia Kozicki in a race to replace Mayor John Ditslear, a Republican. Candidates have until Feb. 8 to file to run in May’s primary. Baker is Noblesville’s urban forester, responsible for the care of trees in city’s right of way. Those duties include planting and pruning trees, removing them when necessary and dealing with storm damage. He also communicates with Noblesville residents about tree issues and helps the street department with snow removal and leaf pickup when necessary. Baker said he is running for mayor because he is passionate about Noblesville and the people and businesses that make up the community. He pledged to run an honest, positive and transparent campaign, and to listen to concerns and issues that face residents.

Muncie: Bailey files 

Terry Whitt Bailey, the city of Muncie’s community development director, has announced she intends to file to run for mayor. She would be the ninth candidate in the mayoral race (Olhenkamp, Muncie Star Press). Bailey told the Star Press she had never considered running until after current Mayor Dennis Tyler announced on Jan. 11 that he would not seek reelection. The weekend after that announcement, Bailey said she began getting asked repeatedly about running, and she began to give it sincere consideration. What finally convinced her was speaking with her husband and mother, both of whom gave her full support in her bid. “Because the two people closest to me were supportive, I knew I’d be just fine,” Bailey said. Bailey plans to hold an election campaign kickoff at 5 p.m. today at Vera Mae’s Bistro.