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Sunday, November 19, 2017
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Sikhs PAC takes aim at trucking mandate
SIkhs PAC urges calls to White House on the ELD Mandate, urging supporters to call the White House at 202-456-1111.
House GOP pass $1.4 trillion tax cut
House Republicans pass $1.4 trillion in tax cuts on Thursday, with all in the Indiana delegation supporting.
Messer says Moore, Franken should step aside
U.S. Rep. Luke Messer calls on Alabama Senate nominee Roy Moore and U.S. Sen. Al Franken to step aside due to sexual harassment allegations.
Sikhs celebrate unity in Yuba City
This week's Sikh PAC report comes from the 100,000 strong parade in Yuba City, California.
Braun releases first Senate race TV ad
Mike Braun has released his first U.S. Senate race TV ad focusing on his Jasper roots and his Washington "outsider" status.
Sikhs PAC update and FAQ
Here is the weekly Sikhs PAC update which includes the celebration of the reopening of an Indianapolis market and frequently asked questions.
What's in GOP tax plan
What's in the Republican tax reform plan? The Washington Post examines.
Sikhs PAC seeks tax reforms
The Sikhs PAC's weekly update backs tax reforms and celebrates the Festival of Faith and the victory of righteousness.
Sen. Flakes' Senate floor address
Sen. Jeff Flake levels stinging criticism at President Trump as he announces he won't seek reelection.
Sikhs PAC seeks truck rule change
The Sikhs PAC is seeking changes in federal trucking regulations with its "Black and Blue" program.
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  • Rokita revives residency issue against Messer
    "What's best for our family is living right here amongst our constituents, amongst our neighbors in Brownsburg, Indiana. You only have to look to [Richard] Lugar [and] Evan Bayh to see how the Indiana electorate treats someone who doesn't really live in this state and has lost touch." - U.S. Rep. Todd Rokita to WIBC’s Tony Katz, in reference to his criticism of U.S. Senate primary opponent Luke Messer, who moved his family to Washington while he serves in Congress. Messer told Katz, "The Hoosiers I talk to put their family first and they respect that a member of Congress would put their family first too.“ Sens. Lugar and Bayh lost Senate bids in 2012 and 2016 with residency one of the issues that came up during the campaign.
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  • The slitherly slope and redemption
    Here are some thoughts on the “Pervnado” that is sweeping Hollywood, Capitol Hill, newsrooms and statehouses, though things at the Indiana Statehouse have been quiet.

    Does it make a difference when a decades-old allegation comes up that the perpetrator apologizes? Particularly if there’s no specific evidence? We’ve watched Kevin Spacey, Sen. Al Franken and comedian Louis C.K. seek some measure of atonement for their inappropriate behavior, while Republican Alabama U.S. Senate nominee Roy Moore, who has been accused of pedophilia, has not and remains defiant? Ditto for comedian Bill Cosby.

    As any crisis communicator will tell you, coming clean and being contrite is the better long term strategy even if one takes big losses in the short-term. And Americans have a penchant for redemption, as past controversial figures ranging from Muhammad Ali, Jane Fonda, Kobe Bryant to Barney Frank and even Presidents Clinton and Nixon eventually were restored some degree of trust and popularity.

    Is it inconsistent for U.S. Rep. Luke Messer to call for the resignation of Sen. Franken for one ribald photo and an inappropriate and slithery pass a radio personality Leanne Tweeden, while President Trump escapes a similar assessment despite a dozen or so similar complaints and the Billy Bush “Access Hollywood” tape?

    Just asking, as we watch many powerful figures tumble down the slithery slope.  - Brian A. Howey, publisher
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