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Monday, July 4, 2022
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Pink Floyd's Ukraine tribute
Pink Floyd and Andriy Khlyvnyuk released "Hey Hey Rise Up" in tribute to the Ukraine resistance. It's Pink Floyd's first new release since the "Division Bell" LP three decades ago.
Green's first 1st CD TV ad
Jennifer-Ruth Green's Republican 1st CD campaign began airing this ad on Wednesday April 6.
Milo begins 1st CD TV ads
Republican 1st CD candidate Blair Milo begins her TV ad campaign.
Houchin's first 9th CD TV ad
Republican Erin Houchin begins airing her TV ads in the 9th CD.
Pence's 'Freedom Agenda' video
Former vice president Mike Pence released his campaign platform and his "Freedom Agenda" video
Russian journalist protests on air
Russian Channel 1 Producer Marina Ovsyannikova protests the invasion of Ukraine on air Monday, seen by millions of viewers with the sign that said "Stop the war."
Rep. Spartz on Ukraine
U.S. Rep. Victoria Spartz made pre-SOTU statements on the Russian invasion of her native Ukraine.
Nieshalla campaign releases video
Elise Nieshalla, Republican for State Treasurer, released a new web video highlighting her plan to improve Indiana's ABLE Saving Accounts Program with the addition of a tax credit.
Walorski on the growing mental health crisis
U.S. Rep. Jackie Walorski talks about the looming mental health crisis.
Sen. Young begins TV ads
Sen. Todd Young's reelection campaign has begun airing the first TV ads of the 2022 cycle.
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  • Holcomb will sign 'any' abortion restriction; House GOP to caucus outside Statehouse
    “I don’t have any red lines right now. It’s of paramount importance to me … that we must recognize that this issue is one of the most divisive by definition — when you look at where people fall in the nation — and that will require a thoughtful and respectful airing of where we all come from.” - Gov. Eric Holcomb to the Capital Chronicle, saying he will sign any abortion restriction legislation when the General Assembly reconvenes in a special session on July 25. Informed and reliable sources tell Howey Politics Indiana that House Republicans will caucus outside the Statehouse at an undisclosed location on Tuesday July 5 to develop legislation.
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