INDIANAPOLIS – Earlier this week on WIBC radio, I predicted a 22-point win for President Trump in Indiana and that he would be reelected. I predicted the 20-point win in 2016 on the same station. I got some ridicule, but why should I play it safe?  

Trump won Indiana easily last time, so it only makes sense that he will win by an even larger margin, right?  Kamala Harris and her running mate have no clear strategy except fear of COVID, while President Trump touts his accomplishments and vision for the future.  

Why change from a president that has rebuilt the military to the tune of $2.5 trillion to make us stronger and safer while keeping us out of new wars and doing more to neutralize North Korea than any previous president?  He has taken out terrorists like al-Baghdadi and Soleimani, destroyed the ISIS caliphate and is the only one to take on China over unfair trade practices and sending us the virus.  

He has brought significant peace to the Middle East by brokering agreements between Israel and the UAE, Bahrain and Sudan, and brought a lasting peace to Kosovo and Serbia, all earning him two Nobel Peace Prize nominations.  He also fixed the VA to provide the great care that our veterans deserve. 

Why would we switch from a president that rebuilt our economy with the largest middle-class tax cut in history and cuts to regulations to increase plant expansions, create jobs and raise wages, bringing the lowest unemployment rates ever for women, African Americans and the Hispanic community? Opportunity zones are bringing billions of dollars of investment to our neighborhoods most in need and he increased funding to $255 million per year for historically black colleges and universities and other minority-serving institutions.  

Criminal justice reform? Yeah, he got that done too. Alice Johnson and Charles Duke Tanner, former professional boxer from Gary, Indiana, can attest to that. This president has always supported law enforcement before the chaos in our cities started. He defends the police while the Left try to defund. That is why law enforcement across the country has his back now, including the state police union in Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware.  

Space Force is reason enough to reelect him, on top of a list that goes on and on.  

However, if you are easily manipulated by media coverage, then you might see things differently. Broadcast coverage of President Trump is 92% negative. These folks don’t share much about his successes, but they’ll tell you all day long about a tweet.  

The Left has now finally settled on a closing case, COVID, after the battle over Supreme Court nominees didn’t work, which came after the impeachment scam failed. That was after the assault on Justice Kavanaugh backfired, and who can forget the $50 million and three years wasted on the Russia hoax?
What the Left does not realize is that voters are smarter than they give them credit.  Americans pay attention and are aware of results. This is why they come out by the thousands to rally in the cold, or stand on bridges to wave Trump banners, or get on a boat with a Trump flag to join a Trumptilla. These are the hidden Trump voters that don’t show up in polls already skewed Biden’s way.  

Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s 47-year career of no accomplishments, known mostly for plagiarism, lies, and now family corruption, earns him about 20 people that sit in circles to hear about more shutdowns to ruin more lives, and of course the hate speech.    

Hate spreads. Marxism takes root by dividing people by race. It happened in Kosovo and Serbia and throughout the world over the last several decades and we’re seeing it here from the Radical Left with Antifa, anarchy, intimidation, and violence.

When you listen to the closing arguments, you hear 80% hate speech from Biden, Obama, and Harris and 20% platitudes, rhetoric, phrases about the soul of the nation, etc. The real battle is for the soul of the Democrat Party and that is why so many will cross over to President Trump.  

We support President Trump because we get him, and we know that he loves this country. We didn’t elect him to be the Ice Cream Man or a school counselor or our pastor. We elected him and will reelect him because we know he will fight every day to make this country safer and greater and because he kept his promises. We need a bold leader that is up to the challenges of a tough world. President Trump has proven time and again that he is up for any challenge.  

I will stick with my prediction: A bigger win for President Trump in Indiana, and another four years, based on his results, Trumping their hate. 

Samuel was Indiana vice chairman for the Trump campaign in 2016.