Donald Trump and Mike Pence celebrate their nominations in Cleveland in July 2016. (HPI Photo by Randy Gentry)
Donald Trump and Mike Pence celebrate their nominations in Cleveland in July 2016. (HPI Photo by Randy Gentry)
INDIANAPOLIS –  Now might be a good time for everyone still working on last year’s presidential campaign to pause and consider what’s going on around the world. It might also be the right time for the folks in the middle that are always at the ready to jump on the bash-Trump bandwagon to take a hard look at his accomplishments in the first 90 days.
It’s easy to fall into the media trap against the president by engaging in the trivial, dwelling on the past and picking at every nit you can find or that CNN will find for you.  
Should we really care if he spends his weekends in Mar-a-Lago when he also visits the Snap-On Tools headquarters in Wisconsin to announce a Buy American, Hire American program to ensure that our federal government is putting American workers and American products first?
Do we really need to complain about his tweets when he is also handling the North Korean crisis brilliantly? Are we still going to dwell on Putin like we are back in the USSR, when the president acted boldly and decisively to use the tools of our military so precisely and effectively against Assad in Syria and ISIS in Afghanistan?
And what about protecting us here at home by following through on his campaign promises to strengthen law enforcement on our borders while going after the worst of the worst criminal illegal aliens and gangs? Is how much stuff Jared Kushner gets to do really more important than that?
By the way, I still watch Saturday Night Live and although they go too far for me sometimes, having Jimmy Fallon play Kushner was pretty funny.  
My point is that there is some really important stuff going on in our country and throughout the world today that affects our daily lives and will greatly affect our next generations, and we need to focus on those rather than the inconsequential stuff being pushed by the far left.  
When we face so many threats from different parts of the globe, it is finally time to rally around our American president. I am very pleased and proud that Indiana is coming through once again with our Republican State Party’s recent announcement that Donald Trump Jr. will headline the GOP Spring Dinner on May 8. These folks get it and it will be nice to have a Trump in town roughly one year after the Trump primary win where he swept all 57 delegates, resulting in the two remaining opponents dropping out and Donald Trump being propelled to the GOP nomination.  
There are plenty of reasons to follow our state GOP’s lead. No president has acted so swiftly to eliminate burdensome, job-killing regulations to allow businesses to grow and jobs to be created. He is fulfilling another campaign promise to eliminate government waste and ensure the best use of taxpayer dollars by directing OMB to submit a comprehensive plan to reorganize and reform federal government, making it more efficient.  
He signed executive order strengthening and repositioning the Historically Black Colleges and Universities initiatives within the White House to foster better opportunities in higher education.
President Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau launched the United States-Canada Council for Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders. President Trump signed into law the Promoting Women in Entrepreneurship Act to encourage the National Science Foundation’s entrepreneurial programs to recruit and support women to extend their focus beyond the laboratory and into the commercial world.  He signed into law the Inspiring the Next Space Pioneers, Innovators, Researchers, and Explorers (INSPIRE) Women Act to encourage women to study science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), pursue careers in aerospace, and further advance the nation’s space science and exploration efforts.
He picked the right person for the Supreme Court and he’s done an outstanding job of picking his cabinet and military advisors. And we should all be proud of his pick and the great work our own Vice President Pence is doing on both domestic issues and international concerns. The list goes on, but you don’t hear of it enough because of the trivial and constant attacks.
Hopefully this changes, and I do believe that getting health care reform completed and then tax reform done will put in place accomplishments that the national media cannot ignore or trivialize. I predict both of these efforts are successful this year. I also predict that it will be easier for those in the middle to finally jump on the Trump train as this administration is now finding its footing.  It has had a lot stacked up against it and never has benefitted from the so-called 100-day honeymoon.  
President Trump is proving to be what those of us that supported him during the campaign were sure of – a true leader that makes good decisions and can handle multiple tasks at once.  He has a true vision to make America great again and has put in place the right people to make that vision a reality.  
We’ll see if I’m right.   

Samuel is president of Samuel Solutions based in Indianapolis. He was vice chairman of President Trump’s Indiana campaign in 2016.