INDIANAPOLIS – With my day job, I just had coffee with an up-and-coming Republican star who was not initially a Trump supporter. While not thrilled with everything our president has done over the first two weeks, he was happy with 85% of what has been accomplished. He was extremely pleased with the selection of Judge Neil Gorsuch as the Supreme Court nominee, as are so many others.  
As the 85% statement sank in after our meeting, it struck me that this is going to be a numbers game. If someone who was probably one of the last Republicans to come around to accept Trump is at 85% now and says that he could be a great president if he changes a few things here and there, then I think the numbers will continue to look good for our president.  
Other numbers to look at are the thousands of protestors and numbers of protests in parts of the country and what they represent. Will these numbers grow or will they burn out soon enough because of the lack of solutions offered and the unwillingness to engage in a grown- up dialogue?  
In two years, will the Republican Party do what is needed to keep the high numbers of Trump supporters engaged to help ward off the usual backlash after a presidential election? Or will the numbers of protests scare off the GOP establishment to the point that they distance themselves from the president, possibly losing these newfound voters?
When we were out on the campaign trail, everywhere Rex Early and I went, half of the crowd was traditional GOPers. The other half was Trump supporters who would tell us they had not participated in the political process for decades, if ever. These were great Americans that just didn’t trust Washington. They told us that they were waiting for someone like Trump – someone who would shake things up and really get things done.
I believe that the most important numbers to these folks and most Americans will be the number of issues being addressed at such a dizzying pace. This pace may be too fast for Washington, but Americans can relate to it because of our daily lives. How many of us never have enough time in a day between work and kids’ activities and the unexpected daily twists and turns? But we keep at it until it all gets done. The more Washington tries to slow him down, the greater support for him will grow.
The sheer number of problems being solved will overshadow any missteps. Trump is a man of action. He proved it with the Carrier announcement and other jobs announcements even before being sworn into office and he hit the ground running on Jan. 20 like nothing we’ve ever seen.  
This is what America will respond to and this is what will make the numbers come out in his favor.  Whether it’s bringing back jobs by cutting taxes and rolling back burdensome, job-stifling regulations, challenging pharmaceutical companies on high drug prices, taking the appropriate steps to repeal and replace Obamacare, making the best choice for the Supreme Court, and yes even doing what he feels is necessary to keep Americans safe, President Trump has already proven that he is a man of his word and that he won’t rest at all while there is work to be done.
Speaking of keeping us safe, while it’s easy to criticize the rollout of the moratorium on immigration from the seven countries plagued by terrorist recruitment and training and easy to misinterpret the rationale behind it, let’s not forget that we are at war with Islamic radical terrorism and this president is taking action to prevent an attack rather than let one happen, only to condemn it later. I for one am tired of the inaction that leads to more attacks. If one life was saved by these actions or will be saved by future actions, then it’s worth it. What President Trump did was the first part of just one piece of a comprehensive plan to win this war and over the next several months we will see the complete plan in place and a change in direction of this war.  
These and so many other actions and accomplishments are what will overshadow the constant critiques and fake tears.  
Trump is president, and he’s doing stuff. Shaking things up and getting things done will, in the end, result in winning the numbers game.

Samuel was vice chairman of the Indiana Donald Trump presidential campaign.