INDIANAPOLIS – Taking up from where I left off three weeks ago, the numbers have increased as far as protests, protestors and now rowdy town hall meetings. Also increasing are vandalism, violence, insults, and threats. I watched a news story the other night of a crowd of adults in Chicago encouraging kids to beat the crap out of a piñata in the image of our president and rip its limbs off, after knocking it to the ground.  Bizarre, disgusting and unbelievable!  

To the far left, this hatred looks like a “movement” that is getting stronger. I believe that we are actually witnessing the beginning of the end of the Democrat Party on the national level as we have known it.  
This demise has taken off at lightning speed since President Trump was inaugurated, because of a lack of leadership. While Democrats need new leadership with a new vision, they are paralyzed by the loss – I just heard of something ridiculous called post-election stress disorder – and because of the wave of anger masked as a “movement” taking place in pockets around the country.  
When you have three out-of-work, really mad, former Democrat campaign staffers putting together a playbook to spread anger over the Internet, you don’t have a movement. You have a lack a strategy, goals, or the ability to engage in meaningful dialogue.  
So what is happening and why so rapidly?  
First of all, the  radical far left would have you believe that President Trump is not the legitimate winner because he didn’t win the popular vote. They will never admit that if the race was determined by popular vote, we would have had a completely different campaign, with candidate Trump spending much more time and money in New York and California. While he would not have won those states, he would have ended up winning the popular vote in the nation by what he would have added in those and other more populous states that he did win like Texas and Florida. But this isn’t the best way to conduct our national election and this is why we have the Electoral College.  
Secondly, the far left has taken over the Democrat Party because a new type of leadership has not emerged. Democrats that may have filled the void are now paralyzed by the media coverage given to the far left. This phenomenon is getting so far out of hand so quickly that no reasonable member of the Democrat Party at the national level will be able to pull their party back to a relative middle ground.
Finally, 90% of the national media is also angry and assisting the misguided strategy of the far left. They would have the public believe that the anger from mostly recruited protestors yelling at their congressperson at town hall meetings is real news.  
In the meantime, Trump loyalists and Republicans will stick with the president and more independents and moderate and blue-collar traditional Democrats will be driven further to the middle ground that President Trump also inhabits. The independents and Democrats will resent the angry left and reward a president who started doing what he said he would to create jobs even before day one.
The new voters, the Trump loyalists, are folks we met on the road, that I’ve talked and written about from all around the state, and they are everywhere throughout the country. These are folks like Jerrald Hawkins, who mowed the names TRUMP and PENCE into his lawn in Cicero. And Gene Huber, who caught President Trump’s attention when being interviewed for being first in line for last Saturday’s Florida rally. I loved seeing Mr. Huber invited up on stage by the president to thank him and give him a moment in the spotlight.  
The media doesn’t realize what these people mean, or that most Americans are able to see through their bias. When the media mistakes protection of our borders for discrimination, they only draw attention to the president’s actions to protect us from attack, drugs and gangs. The more the media dwells on the tweets or the personality of the president while he is working hard on multiple fronts, the more people will recognize and applaud his results.
As the national media looks at every turn for controversy, the more Americans are reminded that this has been going on for two years now while this president continues to stand strong to make America great again. It would be different if he was starting slow from the gate, but Americans realize that he is working hard to bring about significant change at a pace Washington has never before witnessed.  
When the Russian story came up again last week, the national media again piled on and Democrats on Capitol Hill started calling for impeachment. Their true colors showed through brightly to the American public, while we also saw a president directly take on the media bias while fixing problems and also rallying his supporters.  
In short, the efforts of the angry 90% of the national media and the angry radical far left that are taking over the Democrat Party will all backfire over the next two and four years. It’s already started. They are letting the wrong type of emotions lead them. Anger and hatred will lead only further into an abyss and to the demise of the Democrat Party as we have known it at the national level.

Samuel is president of Samuel Solutions and was vice chairman of the Trump Indiana campaign.