INDIANAPOLIS – So who’s really beleaguered, Attorney General Jeff Sessions or the whole Trump administration? The President’s tweet calling Sessions “beleaguered” was funny because nobody really thought of Sessions as beleaguered until the President tweeted that he was. He had survived his day in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee and from all indications is performing admirably in his role as AG. Or maybe Sessions was beleaguered and we just didn’t know it, so President Trump wanted to make sure that we did.  
The endless stream of CNN panelists make the case every night that it’s the Trump administration that’s beleaguered. Does the President himself feel beleaguered and should he?
It didn’t really look like it at his Youngstown, Ohio MAGA Rally this week. He didn’t seem stressed during his appearances for the administration’s American Heroes Week.  Nor did he struggle during the Foxxconn jobs announcement to build a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Wisconsin to produce LCD panel products with an initial investment of $10 billion that will create between 3,000 and 13,000 jobs. Donating his second quarter salary to the U.S. Department of Education seems like a very thoughtful act, not coming from someone besieged.  
Time and time again, we’ve seen this President carry the full burden on his shoulders, during the campaign, the transition and the first six months of his Presidency. He did it again by himself announcing, again by tweet, after consultation with his generals, that the U.S. military will end transgender service in the military.
I think the real issue here is the perception of being beleaguered and maybe that’s why the word came to the President’s mind and then his tweet.  
This goes to the heart of my primary concern as a Trump supporter – that the perception created by the media and intensified by Democrat attacks plus the lack of support from Republicans, has created a false reality that could feed on itself and cause real problems for Republicans, President Trump and all Americans. It could give Democrats the opening they need and may be able to take advantage of in both 2018 and 2020.  
Most of the national media and the Democrat Party want us to think that the president and his administration are stumbling, bumbling and beleaguered. This is why we get fake news and coverage from the media that is way far out of proportion with what really matters to Americans. According to the Wall Street Journal, the top issues for Americans are health care (35%), jobs (13%), immigration (10%), climate change (10%) and Russia (6%). The top issues by percentage of coverage by the media are health care (4%), jobs (1%), immigration (0%), climate change (10%) and Russia (75%). This is astonishing if you really think about it.
The national media and national Democrats could actually get away with this if Republicans don’t remember what got them control of the White House, Senate and House of Representatives. It was Donald Trump and his supporters. Folks we saw in Youngstown this week and folks we saw all around Indiana and the country last year.
Republicans in Washington need to get behind this President and stop jumping on and off the Trump Train like so many did during the campaign for their own political expediency.  
This is why the President is concerned and feels the need to let everyone know. He does not have the backup he needs except from his great Vice President Mike Pence and a handful of folks that were with him from the start like Rex Early here in Indiana.  Happy Birthday Rex!
I think like most true Trump supporters, I get him. I don’t think he feels beleaguered, but I’m pretty sure that he thinks if others think so it’s because the Russia “investigation” has been allowed to metastasize when it should have never even been born.  
And that brings us back to Jeff Sessions. The President probably feels that if Sessions had nothing to hide, which he testified that he didn’t, and because he knew from participating in the campaign that there was no collusion, then why should he have had to recuse himself? I agree that if Sessions was so sure that he did nothing wrong, then why recuse. This opened the door to a full six months of Russia coverage overshadowing any successes, like the ones from just this week mentioned above. The numbers from the WSJ prove this out.
So the President is upset at Jeff Sessions and probably others and I don’t blame him. I think in the end, they will work things out and we will all move on. As President Trump himself said, “time will tell.”

Samuel is president of Samuel Solutions and was vice chairman of the Trump Indiana presidential campaign in 2016.