INDIANAPOLIS – Obviously, I was very proud of our president while watching him deliver a great speech Tuesday night. I won’t overstate it because I wasn’t surprised, and by now almost everyone either watched it themselves and were impressed or have heard or read all of the positive reviews.  
Of course there were the haters. That’s not surprising as the liberals and most of the media had their opposition planned out before the speech began. They were led by the former Democrat governor of Kentucky and the 10 remaining Kentuckians who don’t support President Trump. What was the Democrat party thinking?  
I wasn’t surprised by the president’s performance and message because at every turn during the last two years, he has risen to the occasion and he has shared the same type of positive message. That’s why he was the last one standing after the primaries. It is why he came back with two strong winning debate performances against Clinton after most thought he lost the first debate (I didn’t). And it is why he fought so hard during the last stretch of the campaign to be in states you wouldn’t expect. He has always risen to the occasion, and he did again Tuesday night.  
This disappointed a lot of critics in the media and on the Democrat side of the aisle. After so many have criticized him for not appearing “presidential,” they struggled with how to react. A few, like Van Jones of CNN, gave him some credit and now have to deal with the backlash from the angry left. That exact anger is what is keeping us divided as a country, just as President Trump is calling from his heart for unity.  
This anger and hatred won’t change immediately but we did see an opening on Tuesday night.  We saw a President talk about issues that matter to Democrats such as Paid Family Leave, Affordable Child Care and a $1 trillion Infrastructure plan – issues he presented during the campaign.  We saw members on that side of the Chamber who didn’t want to applaud at first, finding themselves unable to help from clapping and even joining in a few standing ovations.
Then again, there were also those that ran out of the chamber as soon as the speech concluded, something I’ve never before seen. I guess they were excited to go watch their new leader from Kentucky give his retort. Regardless, we did see a slight path to a working environment.
Several pundits agreed with Jones to some extent, but also questioned how long this will last and suggested we all watch when the next tweets begin, setting up the “there he goes again” attack.  
The cynicism will persist and the distrust will continue, but at least some of them gave him his due – at least a little.  
However, with each impressive speech and with each successful plan explained to the public, more and more Americans will realize that this president cares about them and more pressure will be put on the Democrats to work with him for the good of the American people.
I’ve said this before, but if Democrat leadership at the national level continues down the path of anger and hatred, it will be to their own demise.  
At least this week, they saw what they are up against. If this president keeps doing what he has promised and keeps communicating it like he did Tuesday, and I believe he will, maybe they will realize they must work with him and just maybe, new leadership will emerge. This is the only way for them as a national party to survive, and of course, it’s the best thing that could happen for the country.

Samuel is president of Samuel Solutions in Indianapolis. He was vice chairman of the Indiana Trump presidential campaign.