INDIANAPOLIS – For fans of President Trump, it’s great to have a huge win and a beautiful tax cut Christmas present, just like he promised. For everyone else, it should feel the same – great, as in Making America Great Again.  Whether you’ve been critical or half-hearted in support or a true enthusiast like me, we can all be pleased with this tax reform and give some credit where due, at least during the holidays.  

I could say that “only time will tell” if the president is right or not about tax cuts spurring the economy and putting more in our pocketbooks, but really it’s already telling with major employers like AT&T, Boeing and Comcast announcing bonuses for their employees because of what just happened.  We know how well the stock market has done in the last year because of Trump’s regulatory rollbacks and anticipation of this historic tax cut. This will only continue as the economy starts to really roll after gaining steam this year with two and probably three consecutive quarters of GDP growth over 3%.  

So I’d say it’s time for all of us to take a pause as we reflect on the year that was and in our minds set aside the nasty attacks from the far left and the affect they have on poll numbers. I’d like to suggest that all of the Trump haters and the half-hearted supporters and those that secretly or not so secretly take joy in what they perceive as missteps, make a New Year’s resolution to give Trump a chance. That’s all I’m saying.

We elected President Trump to shake things up and we knew he had a different style. Those of us that believed he was the best candidate did so because we knew he was a guy that has accomplished big things in his previous careers and that he was going to bring the same passion and urgency to the presidency – and he has.  

Yes, it’s easy to complain about the tweets. I get it. I’ve heard from so many people that they wish he would stop tweeting. I look at it this way: A month ago and two months ago and four months ago and eight months ago, there was a tweet that the media got worked up about and a lot of people rolled their eyes and wrote him off over it. I don’t remember what any of those tweets were – none of them come to mind. Trump haters might be able to tell you, but the average person can’t.  

However, we can all remember the economy getting better and ISIS being defeated and the Veterans Administration being reformed and our borders and our national security being strengthened. If we’ve paid a little more attention, we’d remember that the president has had extremely successful overseas trips, strengthening our relationships and improving trade in Asia, the Middle East and Europe.  

If we were news junkies we’d remember not only that the president saved the careers of the three UCLA basketball players and kept them out of years in a Chinese jail after they were caught shoplifting, but we would also remember that back in April the president and his team secured the release of Aya Hijazi, an Egyptian American charity worker, her husband and four other humanitarian workers imprisoned in Egypt for three years.  

This happened because the president had quickly developed a warm relationship with Egyptian President Sisi, an ally to the U.S. that President Obama had shunned. I can also guarantee that the President’s relationship with President Xi Jinping of China helped save those UCLA players, no matter what LaVar Ball tells you.  

The list of accomplishments really does go on and on but not if you’re watching the wrong news channels. We know that the major news networks supply negative stories on Trump 90% of the time. A lot of this has been from the fake – yes, I’ll also call it fake – Russian collusion story that is finally unraveling. When you have a year of such negative coverage – most of it driven by a false narrative – and you have a segment of the population paying more attention to tweets than deeds, you end up with low numbers.  

I’m convinced that the tens of millions of social media followers appreciate the unfiltered messages and do so because they know they’re getting a bias against him from the traditional media. I’m also convinced that over just a short period of time, those poll numbers are going to change.

But here’s what has hurt him and what’s needed, if you’re a Republican wanting to be successful in 2018 and 2020.  Start sharing your support. List any of the reasons stated above or any of the many reasons I haven’t mentioned whenever you get a chance. If you don’t, you are letting the far left take away our strongest point for winning in 2018 and 2020. You are also losing the opportunity to keep winning the votes of all of those true Trump supporters who voted for Trump and other Republicans.

So that’s my suggestion for your New Year’s resolution. If you hate our president, set that resentment aside for just a while and think about this: Has your life really gotten worse in the last year, or is it better?  If you are a Republican and were critical during the campaign because you supported one of the 16 others and you secretly can’t get over it, that’s not helping for 2018. Try saying something good about the President. These are simple resolutions that could secure the America that Trump is trying to make great again.

Samuel was vice chair of the 2016 Trump campaign in Indiana.