INDIANAPOLIS – It’s astonishing to me that 74% of Americans – Republicans, Democrats and independents – believe that there is a “Deep State” secretly running our government. This is according to a Monmouth University poll of 803 adults taken March 2-5. Whenever the term “Deep State” is used on CNN or the other mainstream liberal media outlets, it is being scoffed at as something only Fox News viewers, conservative radio listeners or Internet conspiracy theorists would believe to exist.  

The high percentage of believers is surprising to me. I would have thought it would be lower but still a thing. It is also very revealing that three quarters of the public is concerned by what we have seen at the upper levels of the FBI and Department of Justice during the Obama administration, especially leading up to the 2016 election and ever since with Obama holdovers in the Trump administration. I am assuming that the public’s belief comes from what we are seeing at the DOJ and FBI. I don’t think people would be too concerned about the Departments of Agriculture, Interior, Labor, or most others being major players in a deep state. 

I also don’t think you can believe in a deep state without being concerned about it. So, I am concluding that most Americans believe that there is a deep state based on the corruption we have seen from the likes of James Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Bruce and Nellie Ohr, Loretta Lynch, Sally Yates, Andrew McCabe and others that began in their positions at the DOJ and FBI pre-Trump. Remember that it is a very small percentage of DOJ and FBI employees, but it is these people in key positions that politicized their work and weaponized their authority.

It’s obvious now that for some time there has been a concerted effort to first help Hillary Clinton win the election and then take down Trump after he was victorious. Much of this will become clearer because it will get more attention when, in a few weeks, Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report of his DOJ investigation will be made public.  

Another significant turning point will come if Attorney General Sessions appoints a second special counsel to move the inspector general’s investigation to a new front where the IG currently lacks authority. More and more members of Congress are rightly calling for this second special counsel because of the lack of transparency from DOJ officials. I think it will happen.

All of this is adding up to a different truth than what we are hearing from the mainstream media. With each leak or every time there is “breaking news” from unnamed sources, the media spins it closer to the Mueller investigation indicting the president. We’ve been waiting for more than a year now. I don’t think it will happen.  

The latest smokescreen was thrown up when Trump congratulated Putin on his “election” win. You’d think that Trump just lost World War III for us. Never mind that Obama did the same thing six years ago or that the Mexican president and other world leaders did the same thing this time around. Obama and Hillary also hit the corny “reset” button with Russia. That didn’t work.  And Obama even whispered to Medvedev that he would have more “flexibility” to work with Putin after the 2012 election while chastising his opponent, Mitt Romney for wanting to take a tough stance on Russia. What was the media paying attention to when all of this was happening with Putin?  

President Trump, meanwhile, has shown that he knows how to deal with world leaders, both friendly and adversarial. Regarding Russia, Trump has shown strength in dealing with Russia’s strategic allies in the Middle East – destroying Syria’s Russian built fighter jets after Syria’s use of chemical weapons and building a coalition against Iran while moving us closer to abandoning the bad Iran nuclear deal. And just a week ago, the U.S. Treasury Department announced new sanctions against Russians that meddled in the 2016 elections and have engaged in cyber-attacks.

President Trump knows how to deal with Putin just as he knows how to deal with Kim Jung Un.  

In Obama’s second term, after Putin made him look foolish by attacking and annexing Crimea, Obama started this thing I noticed where his body language and his glares at Putin were very tough and mean-looking. It always looked very playgroundish. Putin would smile slightly and brush it off because he knew it didn’t amount to anything. He was still having his way with Obama.  

Trump knows better. He will play things the way he knows best from his experience in dealing with business leaders around the world – with an instinct to win. For Trump, a win with Russia is to get their help on trouble spots around the world while keeping them from being bad actors. President Trump knows that you must have a relationship to achieve these goals.  

The media doesn’t get it and will still look for every way possible to embarrass and bring down our own President. However, that 74% number should be concerning to those on the left. It means that people are really paying attention to what’s really going on. We’re at a pivotal point in the investigations and politically as the 2018 elections are in full play. A turn to the right could be just around the corner. 

Samuel is CEO of Samuel Solutions based in Indianapolis and was vice chair of the Trump Indiana campaign in 2016.