ANDERSON – A lot of people will vote to give Donald J. Trump another term as president. It won’t matter what some anonymous sources might claim he said about our nation’s veterans or about the men and women who gave their lives for our country.

Heck, it wouldn’t matter even if the president’s supporters could hear the words come out of his own mouth. It didn’t matter when they heard him say what he said about John McCain. It didn’t matter when they heard him bragging about sexual assault in that infamous “Access Hollywood” tape or when they saw him with their own eyes poking fun at a handicapped reporter.

It won’t even matter now that they can hear him, on tape, confirming that he knew what he was telling us about COVID-19 was a lie, that he knew this virus was five times more dangerous than the common flu even as he assured the American people they had nothing to worry about.

For the vast majority of his supporters, none of it matters, and it’s time we stopped fighting about it. There is probably nothing you could say that would make the vast majority of Trump voters change their minds. They’ve already decided who he is, and their assessment is not open for debate. They might not like everything he says and does, but they’ll support the president because they like his tax policy. They like his economic policy. They support his judicial appointments. They like his position on environmental regulations. They like his approach to international affairs.

To be clear, a vast number of Joe Biden supporters aren’t likely to change their minds either. You can tell them Joe is a socialist or he’s too old or he’s promoting chaos in our nation’s streets, and it won’t change their position one iota. They have already lined up behind his domestic agenda, and they like the way they envision him representing this country on the international stage.

In a poll conducted for Reuters this month, Ipsos found 67% of respondents saying they were completely certain they would vote. Only 9% said they were completely certain they would not. Among registered voters, 48% said they favored Biden, 33% said they favored Trump, 7% said they were leaning toward another candidate and 12% said they were still unsure. Among those who described themselves as likely voters, Biden had an even larger lead, 52% to 34% with 5% leaning toward another candidate and 9% undecided.

What the numbers tell us is that relatively few people who will cast a ballot in the November election are still undecided. Nearly all of the likely voters have made up their minds, and there’s very little anyone can say to change their opinions. That barrage of messaging you’ll see in the next several weeks will be aimed at a relatively small percentage of the electorate.

So you can stop worrying about the guy with the Trump flag in his front yard. You won’t change his mind by shouting out your support for Joe Biden. You won’t make even a smidgeon of difference by fighting with Aunt Millie on Facebook. You’ll do little more than raise your own blood pressure by wading into a political debate on Twitter.

Forget about the voters who have made up their minds. There’s no point in arguing with them. The folks you should be worried about are the ones still wringing their hands. Focus on that kid who can’t decide whether to vote Libertarian or just stay home. He’s the one to worry about. Our future is in his hands. 

Kelly Hawes is a columnist for CNHI News Indiana. He can be reached at Find him on Twitter @Kelly_Hawes.