Former IndyStar reporter Mary Beth Schneider posted this on twitter today: "108 years ago today my great-grandmother went to the second-story apartment next to her family’s Tampico IL meat market to help a woman in labor. She was in the room when Nellie Reagan delivered a baby boy named Ronald."

A lament I hear often in the context to the current affairs in Washington is a longing for the days of President Ronald Reagan, even from my Democratic friends. He was optimistic and spoke to our aspirations with his "shining city on the hill." You could take his word to the bank. He cut deals with Democratic Speaker Tip O'Neill and the two would have a round of bourbons after business hours. He was an ardent free trader. He treated our allies with respect. His vision in determined dealings with the "evil empire" Soviet Union helped end the Cold War. He and General Sec. Gorbachev took historic steps to end the nuclear arms race in a process that is being undermined today.

He brought us "Morning in America" as the oil shocks and recession came to an end. He was a principled and compassionate conservative and yet pragmatic. His "11th Commandment" kept Republicans from turning on each other. On his birthday, we greatly miss President Reagan, one of the best of our times Brian A. Howey, publisher