As the nation laid to rest President George H.W. Bush Wednesday and today, we will soon bear witness to the legal and political tectonic plates that have been grinding – some in silence, others with a fever Twitter pitch – for the past 18 months. The America we wake up to on Friday morning, or, perhaps, next Monday could be as different as the nation and world we knew in January 1989, and the one emerging before our eyes in the coming days, weeks and months. The “endgame” of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia collusion probe appears to be at hand. Where it leads us is anyone’s guess. It is hardly a leap to suggest that it stands to reshape the governing, political and cultural contours in a way almost no one can comprehend today.

Mueller has been a silent force in the Capitol, methodical and menacing to President Trump. While there have been spikes in his activities, with the indictment of 12 Russian military apparatchiks last June while Trump met alone with President Putin, what we don’t know is akin to an Everest brooding above the molehill we can fathom. Where this leads our nation is as mysterious as lurking death or even the Creator. We don’t know if he absolves President Trump, commencing the next six years of his governance, or the advent of 'President Mike Pence'

Scientists say that if the Cascade Subduction Zone snaps in the Pacific Northwest, the tip-off will be about 30 seconds of dogs barking across the neighborhood patchwork. Today, these dogs are Mueller’s court filings, designed to influence the looming sentences of the Michaels, Flynn and Cohen, both of whom have flipped. According to Axios, the most conspicuous “flippers,” the Michaels and former White House counsel Don McGahn, have spent a combined 119 hours with Mueller’s team: 70 hours with Michael Cohen, 30 with McGahn and 19 with Michael Flynn. CNN analyst Elie Honig provides perspective: “By the end of this week, we will know much more about the strength of Robert Mueller’s hand and the threat his investigation poses to President Donald Trump and his administration.”
- Brian A. Howey, publisher