“This is something that has been on our minds and discussed internally for the last couple of years. We have discussed this issue with different law enforcement partners. We think this is going to have a number of benefits to the community. We believe that is a wrong that we need to right.”- Acting Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears, announcing his office will no longer prosecute marijuana possession cases involving one ounce or less. He also pointed out that the prosecution of marijuana cases have had a disproportionate impact on people of color. Mears said they looked at the impact on public safety when it comes to these cases. As many as 81% of these cases were being dismissed already. “Just because you’re arrested on a B misdemeanor of marijuana, it does not mean that you’re going to be a robber or a murderer,” he said. Tim Moriarty, who will challenge Mears for the job on Saturday, said he would pursue a similar policy ."If elected Marion County Prosecutor on Saturday, I would keep this change in policy in place and work alongside the community to analyze its effects," Moriarty said Monday morning. "But I do believe this new approach will only be successful if it is implemented alongside significant investments in treatment for substance abuse and mental health challenges.