A couple of rival publications have suggested Attorney General Curtis Hill is pondering a 2020 Republican primary challenge to Gov. Eric Holcomb. If this is a trial balloon, it is destined to go limp in the corner with the post-party dirt devils, if not a sheer bust by pinprick. Holcomb’s favorables have consistently been in the 60th percentile. He is widely admired, even by Democrats. There hasn’t been a hint of scandal. He responds to crisis (i.e. East Chicago lead, Department of Child Services) with swift resolution. His policy has been focused, determined and successful.

Usually at this point in the cycle there is a conspicuous Democrat beginning to make the rounds. There is no such person thus far in 2018, though John Gregg has been traveling the state lately, mostly recently Richmond on Wednesday. The notion that a Republican could beat a popular governor in a primary is ... lunacy. Brian A. Howey, publisher