A controversy which flared more than a year ago is setting up a primary battle for a Fort Wayne legislator next year (Berman, WIBC). Republican Representative Bob Morris took heat last February for a letter to fellow legislators accusing the Girl Scouts of promoting "radical policies" on abortion, sex education and homosexuality. Morris apologized five days later for what he said was the "emotional and inflammatory" tone of the letter, but stood by the substance of the charges. The controversy erupted after the filing deadline for the primary, and Morris cruised to reelection in November with 60% of the vote. But with filing for next year's primary four months away, attorney Michael Barranda and business owner Mark Hagar have both launched bids to unseat Morris. Barranda flirted with a third-party run against Morris last year after the Girl Scout dustup, saying voters needed a conservative alternative to "restore credibility" to the seat. He says his experience in nonprofits, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Republican Party sets him apart, and pledges to offer specific policy ideas, not just slogans. Hagar says Morris "left a lot of room" to have handled the Girl Scout situation better, but says that's not why he's running. He says as a businessman, he's concerned about federal interference in state affairs, and says he'd push legislators to take stronger stands asserting rights of gun ownership, privacy, and the First Amendment.