A trio of proposed tax and fee increases received varying receptions Monday when Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard presented his budget plan to the City-County Council (Murray, Indianapolis Star). The strongest opposition or skepticism greeted Ballard’s latest bid to spike the homestead property tax credit, which he calls outdated in the era of tax caps. The council rejected a proposal to phase out the credit last month, with some calling it a clear tax increase. Republican Aaron Freeman and Democrat Zach Adamson often disagree, but they both oppose that move — and both support Ballard’s other tax proposal, which also would raise taxes for some. That’s the mayor’s request to expand a police taxing district from the old city limits to the county line. It wasn’t expanded after the 2007 police merger…Ballard’s $1 billion city-county budget proposal for next year depends on those two tax changes to finance the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. Separate from the budget, the council also introduced a proposed storm water fees overhaul that would increase the amount paid by most property owners to pay for a backlog of neighborhood drainage projects. Monday, that proposal was being met by council members with a desire to learn more before committing…The real debates on all three proposals will happen in coming weeks in committees that will look at the numbers and any alternatives. Council President Maggie Lewis told The Star that the majority Democrats, who have a 15-14 edge, would look at the toll of the proposed increases together. She also hopes, she said, to examine the city’s reserve funds, public works money and other sources before asking residents to pay up.