It appears the impeachment fever on the Potomac has broken, but it may not have come in time to save the Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The impeachment hearings concluded in the House Intelligence Committee last week, an unlikely venue for the fact-finding phase of this charade. As microphones powered down and TV cameras were put away, public opinion polls quickly showed voters wisely have little appetite for removing the president from office. The most shocking finding of all was that Trump now leads all likely Democrat presidential nominees in the battleground of battleground states, Wisconsin.

The poll-driven politicos in the Democrat Party, who actually tested various lines of attack in the impeachment hearing with focus groups, now face a dilemma. Let’s hope they listen to their constituents this time and do what is best for the country by halting the proceedings. But it may be too late for the left wing of the left party to change course.

The better route would be simply to condemn the president’s clumsy and misguided effort to highlight a potential opponent’s ethical lapses. Yes, Joe Biden as vice president should never have agreed to oversee that administration’s Ukrainian foreign policy while his son Hunter was paid $1 million per year to sit on the board of one of that nation’s major companies. Such a huge ethical lapse will become a major focal point of a Senate trial should the House proceed to formal impeachment.

The oxymoronically named Intelligence Committee will prepare a report for the Judiciary Committee, where formal articles of impeachment will be drafted, debated and presumably voted on by Christmas. It examined just one witness who spoke with or interacted with the president on Ukraine. It subpoenaed other witnesses with such direct knowledge, invoking complex legal claims of “executive privilege” and “absolute immunity.” But because of a rush to judgment, Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared Congress will proceed without awaiting the views of the third co-equal branch that needs to weigh-in on this Democrat-contrived constitutional crisis.

“We cannot be at the mercy of the Courts,” the speaker said. What?

As 1/435th of half of one-third of our national government, she cannot waive judicial review of a contest of her making between the executive and legislative branches of government. Yes, as the speaker, she has dramatic power conferred to her by the majority caucus, but in a constitutional proceeding as significant as impeaching and then trying the president for removal from office, even Pelosi will have to follow regular order. The Senate will see to that. 

There’s plenty to criticize the president about regarding his rogue Ukraine policy, but at every turn he has a plausible explanation. Rudy Giuliani may well have convinced him of ongoing corruption rooted in the 2016 election interference we have all heard so much about. Maybe Giuliani did so to enrich himself with a lucrative assignment in a country that pays cash for favors. Giuliani could have learned all about Ukraine politics from Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort during the 2016 campaign or from studying Hunter Biden as the $1 million a year front man.

Moreover, we know the president is skeptical of foreign aid and foreign military engagements. He also believes with good cause the federal bureaucracy is thwarting his electoral mandate. While there was some evidence he linked withholding the military aid to initiating the investigation he so desired, there is ample contradictory evidence he did not condition the aid on the “favor” requested during the July 25th phone call with Ukraine’s newly elected president. The aid was provided after a 55-day hold; the investigation was never launched. And there was no smoking gun produced where Trump said, “manufacture dirt on the Bidens.” He can argue he just wants to know the truth.

But the Democrats, at least in the US House, appear hell-bent on removing Trump from office, thereby disenfranchising 63 million American voters and making Mike Pence the president. The Mueller investigation failed to deliver impeachment, so now they have seized on a phone call monitored by many translators and government officials in real time conducted in two different languages many months ago as the reason to remove the President from office less than a year before the next election.

The House majority has argued Trump sent his team on a domestic political errand in the Ukraine. If they choose to impeach, it will be the House Democrats who will be on a fool’s errand. The voters will take note, just as they did at the politicized confirmation process of now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh before the last election.