Bill Clinton offered a strong defense of his family foundation and insisted reports of mismanagement and deficits were taken out of context, in an unusual letter posted on the group’s website. The Friday post also addressed, for the first time, the audit that the foundation conducted in 2011, which led to a series of recommendations to bring change to a loosely-run, personality-driven organization after its first decade into a more sustainable structure. And the foundation released the summary of that audit. POLITICO reported earlier this week on the audit, which was driven in large part by Chelsea Clinton in order to bring the foundation into a new era. The letter, lengthy and posted with little fanfare, goes on for several paragraphs about the Clinton Foundation’s goals and work. But it also offered a rebuttal to the New York Times’ sprawling look at the internal dysfunction and intra-staff fighting that was taking place up until 2011. “The New York Times recently reported that the Foundation ran a deficit of $40 million in 2007 and 2008 and $8 million in 2012,” he wrote, saying that it is not an accurate look because it reflected a donation made in increments over several years.