INDIANAPOLIS – Yes, I’m fed up with politicians buying the votes of Hoosier citizens. I am equally fed up with Hoosier citizens who do not provide cash for politicians to sustain democracy.

You know Gov. Holcomb and the Indiana General Assembly are sending Hoosier income taxpayers money from “The Surplus.” These checks are arriving in time for you to remember your benefactors on election day this year.

You may not know Mayor Joe Hogsett (Indianapolis) has proposed sending property taxpayers in Marion County approximately $29 million “to fight inflation.” Those checks should be arriving in time for the municipal elections of 2023.

The amounts of those checks will be significant to poor taxpayers. But most poor people are neither income nor property taxpayers. Most taxpayers getting the checks are not poor or in financial distress. They are only hungry for more pizza and beer, more fillet and wine.

What do Hoosiers really want? Better services from their respective governments.

They want better roads that stand up to the punishment of heavy trucks. They want better educated students despite the neglect of parents for that education. They want to protect Indiana’s natural environment so they can either hug more trees or shoot more deer.

Hoosiers want public officials they can respect. Officials, who show by their diligent attention to our serious needs, that Hoosiers are respected by those they elect.

But Hoosiers themselves cannot get respect from public officials without changing their own behavior. Voters must participate in elections. To participate means actually voting, either through some form of early voting or on election day itself.

Failure to vote surrenders government to those with the most money, the loudest voices, and the time to pressure officials.

Quiet, penny-pinching, busy people, the majority of Hoosiers, lose every election. They do not believe they can make a difference. And they don’t!

But there are courageous souls who stand against “the inevitability of defeat.” They run for office, they donate funds, they donate time to those campaigns experts have declared unwinnable.

Certain elections have been forfeit by the two parties. Republicans do not advance candidates in certain districts and Democrats are absent on the ballot in others.

Sometimes a verifiable whacko will run and win even a statewide office because a perfectly qualified candidate failed to get the funding and support needed to prevail.

The media is already announcing the doom of many candidates based on history rather than investigation. Recently, a candidate for the 2nd CD in North Central Indiana was labeled a loser by a prominent columnist in the Indianapolis Star, despite all the good qualities the author noted.

That candidate should now be receiving a flood of money and volunteer time to overcome the defeatist expectations of “those-in-the-know.” To withhold funds or time from a “losing” candidate guarantees defeat. 
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