SOUTH BEND – Don’t be surprised if President Trump doesn’t run for reelection in 2020. He might not for any of a variety of reasons.
This isn’t a prediction that he won’t run again. I don’t make political predictions unless it’s a sure thing. The last flat-out prediction I recall was when I said Bob would be elected mayor Mishawaka. That was way back when the nominees were Bob Beutter and Bob Nagle. And Bob won.
So, I’m not predicting that Donald Trump won’t seek a second term. Just saying it’s indeed a possibility. Here are some reasons why he might not:
Since Trump is so often in a foul mood, furious over any criticism, ranting and raving in angry tweets, insulting and threatening enemies he sees looming everywhere, he could decide he can’t stand the job and would prefer life at Trump Tower and his golf courses rather than frustrations in the White House.
Since Trump believes making money is the ultimate sign of success, he could figure out ways to make even more by leaving the White House, doing deals without restrictions of the presidency to cash in on his foreign policy. A Trump Tower in Moscow. Golf resorts in Saudi Arabia and North Korea.
Since Trump ran on the promise to “make America great again,” he could cite all the achievements about which he boasts as evidence of his greatness, proclaim that he already has made America great again and thus forego a second term in which he would have nothing else to prove.
Since Trump has said that he already is “far greater than Ronald Reagan,” he could decide to step aside after one term, having proved he could achieve more greatness in one term than the two it took for other presidents. Like Reagan. Washington. All those others.
Since Trump knows that his daughter Ivanka has dreams of going on to be the first female president, he could step aside in 2020 to let Ivanka get started on a presidential path, running for vice president on a ticket led by Mike Pence. Or maybe Ivanka for president, Pence for his present subservient duties.
Since Trump delights in flaunting his presidential power to pardon, he could do the ultimate, go out with a flourish and stick it to snoopy enemies of the people by granting pardons to all members of his family and himself, still proclaiming: “No collusion. No collusion. No collusion. No collusion.”
Since Trump has warned that treasonous Democrats would vote to impeach him if they gained enough strength in Congress, he could be proactive, not waiting to see what happens in 2020 congressional elections and leave the presidency before they could gain power and impeach. Can’t impeach a former president.
Since Trump loves speaking to adoring crowds, the faithful members of his base, he could actually do that more often, night after night, without the restrictions of sometimes having to pay attention to presidential duties. He could even start his own TV network to make sure he was always shown in prime time.
Since Trump hates losing – so much so that he often claims a loss is really a victory or that bankruptcy is a win in the art of the deal – he could find he is sinking even lower in the polls as 2020 arrives and decide not to face the chance of defeat. That’s when claiming America is great again and leaving in glory would be appealing.
Since Trump is unpredictable, we don’t know what he will do. He doesn’t know what he will do. Some of those reasons listed for why he might not run are perhaps far-fetched. Not all of them are.  

Colwell has covered Indiana politics over five decades for the South Bend Tribune.