KOKOMO – If you could see an existential threat to the United States standing right before your eyes, would you personally take action to deal with it? I ask this question for two reasons. First, I believe that there is an existential threat to our country standing in plain view for all Americans and the world to see.  

Second, this isn’t a threat that can only be dealt with by our national intelligence apparatus or our military. The threat which we face does not require risking world war or nuclear annihilation. It is true that direct confrontation may be required to check our opponent, but each of us, as individuals, can do our part to defeat the plans of our enemy. And make no mistake about it, this opponent is our enemy.

The worst enemy that we face today is the government of Communist China. China has made no secret of its goal to become the world’s largest economy, to build a modern military that is both larger and more technologically superior to the United States, to expand its boundaries by bullying weaker neighbors and to dominate the world through a combination of economic, political and military coercion. China is well on its way to accomplishing its goals. History has repeatedly demonstrated that it is far better to deal with rogue nations at the inception of their bad behavior rather than waiting until your neck rests underneath their boot.

The truth is that while we’ve been sitting out the pandemic on the couch watching “The Tiger King,” binge-watching Netflix or tearing down local businesses or monuments in the memory of George Floyd, our friends in China have been being naughty boys. For those of you who require the articles of indictment before you sign on to our war of resistance against this menace, I give you the following:

China has been aggressively building up its reef bases in the China Sea in an effort to expand its territorial waters. This policy basically involves taking a coral reef and then launching a major construction process to exchange the sea water around it for a military landing strip. In a further effort to expand its maritime influence, China has aggressively attacked Vietnamese and Indonesian fishing vessels. It has also sought to interfere with Malaysian oil drilling in their own territorial waters.

The muscle flexing doesn’t stop at sea. Recently, Chinese forces mercilessly attacked and murdered unarmed Indian troops in a de-militarized area of the Galwan Valley.  

China also recently broke their 1997 Treaty on Hong Kong with Great Britain by passing legislation subjecting the people of the island appendage to the full power of Chinese laws, justice and punishments. Say goodbye to freedom of speech, assembly and the press. All of this was done while we worried about which professional athlete would or wouldn’t take a knee.

China’s conduct before and since the outset of the coronavirus outbreak has been nothing short of reprehensible. We now know that the first outbreak occurred as early as September 2019, but was not reported until late December. The scientist who discovered the Wuhan virus was imprisoned and gagged from sharing his information at a time when constructive action might have been taken. In addition, China continued to allow its citizens to fly its virus into every corner of the world, thereby guaranteeing a worldwide pandemic. Of course, one of the main sources of everything viral, the Chinese wet markets have been allowed to continue to operate without governmental interference.

China manipulated the World Health Organization’s process to engineer Ethiopian Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus into the position of director general. It’s helpful to note that Ghebreyesus is the first non-physician in the history of the organization. It is also helpful to understand how Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus gathered up the needed votes to become director general. He was the beneficiary of China’s vast network of debt traps around the world. The Chinese strategy is simple; loan developing countries vast amounts of money derived from the enormous U.S. trade imbalance and then tell those same countries that if they want to continue to drink from the well that they need to demonstrate their friendship by supporting Chinese objectives. This strategy has left the rest of the world with a WHO director general who doesn’t know a sigmoidoscope from a dog whistle.

As a dangerous portent of things to come, an Australian businessman recently reported that he had been recruited by Chinese intelligence to run for the Australian Parliament. China is reportedly poking its nose into elections around and interfering with malignant social media campaigns and other electronic means of interference. Our press and the Democrats have been harping for three years about Russia, Russia, Russia when all along it has been China, China, China.

When you add these recent Chinese transgressions to the ongoing pervasive Chinese spying, thefts of intellectual property, currency manipulation and state protections of the main Chinese with the capacity to damage Western economies, it all adds up to the fact that China is waging war by every means available.

While there are many actions that the United States can initiate or continue as a counterbalance to the aggressive actions of the Chinese government, there is something that each and every American can do to stop China in its tracks.

Now, more than ever it is important for the United States to fully bring manufacturing back to our shores. Every American corporation that moved manufacturing to China to save a buck through cheaper wages, less governmental interference or lax or non-existent environmental laws should bring their factories home. 

We can all encourage and speed up this process by making every effort to identify non-Chinese manufactured goods and purchase them instead of the poisonous fruit of cheap Chinese goods. I grant you that this will be difficult since China has monopolized the manufacturing of some goods. When you can’t buy American, then for goodness sakes buy non-Chinese.

In addition to my goal of reducing my purchase of Chinese goods, I’m going to write Sen. Mike Braun with an idea. I’m going to suggest that instead of him making the rounds of the news shows promoting his ridiculous law enforcement reform ideas, that the senator introduce a new law. The new law would require that every import from China would clearly state, “Warning: Purchase of this product is dangerous to the health of the United States and the safety of the world.” It works on cigarettes, why not on cars, computers and toys?

Dunn is the former Howard County Republican chairman.