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Monday, September 26, 2016
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  • Lugar still undecided on presidential race
    "I'm just watching carefully. The world is a very dangerous place. We have a great military, the best in the world, but we have a great number of challenges, we have to keep NATO together... we also have to deal somehow with the Middle East, all at the same time... neither of the major candidates has really spelled out strategy that might meet the agenda I`ve just presented. This may be hard to do in a campaign, but it`s essential because we will not have success without leadership that understands historical aspects, all the strategic problems that are there. I'm hopeful in the final days of campaign there`ll be more evidence that the candidates are on top of these problems." - Former U.S. Sen. Dick Lugar, saying he is still undecided in the U.S. presidential race, to Fox59.
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Lugar undecided in presidential race
Former U.S. Sen. Dick Lugar tells Fox59 he's undecided in the presidential race.

Hillary Clinton's "Mirrors" TV ad
The Clinton campaign highlights Donald Trump quotes on women.

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Trump taxes

Should Donald Trump release recent tax returns, like every major party nominee has done over the past 40 years?


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