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Monday, September 26, 2016
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  • Holcomb sees gridlock on LGBT civil rights expansion
    “The people of our state have amply displayed the fact that there isn’t agreement. Now there are local ordinances that take into account that disagreement and there is the state constitution. While folks on both sides of this issue may agree or disagree with each other, right now that balance seems to be as good as it can get. Because I don’t see both sides convincing the other to come more their way.” - Lt. Gov. Eric Holcomb, the Republican gubernatorial nominee, to the IndyStar, on his stance on LGBT civil rights expansion. He said he respects the “law of the land” after the U.S. Supreme Court legalized gay marriage. And he reiterated that he would carefully review any legislation that might reach his desk if he is elected governor. Democrat nominee John Gregg has endorsed “four words and a comma” in expanding civil rights protections.
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Lugar undecided in presidential race
Former U.S. Sen. Dick Lugar tells Fox59 he's undecided in the presidential race.

Hillary Clinton's "Mirrors" TV ad
The Clinton campaign highlights Donald Trump quotes on women.

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Trump taxes

Should Donald Trump release recent tax returns, like every major party nominee has done over the past 40 years?


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