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Sunday, February 07, 2016
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  • We're all in for Peyton today
    ‘We’re all in the Peyton. As Peyton Manning plays in today’s Super Bowl - likely to be his last game - Indiana remembers the great career of its favorite son. He built a stadium and created a football culture here. There was the epic fourth quarter comeback at Tampa Bay. The 2006 AFC Championship game victory over the Patriots. Breaking Dan Marino’s TD record. One of my favorites was a game the Colts actually lost, one of the worst games in Manning’s career. Six interceptions with a depleted receiver corps, some with names we couldn’t even pronounce. Yet Manning directed a comeback, only to lose the game on a missed field goal. But in the end he put the Colts into position to win. We hope Peyton Manning reaches down and wins his second title.’ - Brian A. Howey, Howey Politics Indiana publisher. Photo is Peyton Manning leaving Lucas Oil Stadium for the final time last October.
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SNL: Bern Your Enthusiasm
Sen. Bernie Sanders joins Larry David on Saturday Night Live.

Kip Tom's first 3rd CD TV ad
Kip Tom, a 3rd CD Republican candidate, is now airing his first TV ad.

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State of the State

What grade would you give Gov. Mike Pence's State of the State address on Jan. 12, 2016?


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